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Global Tooling Solutions Product Range

We have an extensive tooling product range that spans many industry sectors and coupled with our support services, GTS provide the most comprehensive of tooling services. Select one of the options below to find out more about a particular product, or alternatively call us on 01656 856 740.

Oil & Gas RTJ & API Groove Machining System

We have developed a complete RTJ grooving system that produces a high quality surface finish with Zero deflection and roundness. At a fraction of conventional machining times that can be applied to all common 46 degree RTJ grooves on diameters from 50mm-800mm.

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Valve on-site Port Reseating Kit & Inspection Checking System

GTS offer a portable valve Port re-seating kit that allows onsite repair of damaged port sealing faces. The kit is supplied with various standard thread adaptors to accommodate the standard valve port sizes.

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Special Carbide Form Inserts-Carbide-Ceramic-Cermet

We supply cutting tool solutions to give our customers a solution partnership to achieve cost down and quality improvements, longer tool life options and higher production outputs making Carbide, Ceramic or cermet special shape inserts.

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Pipe Bevelling & weld removal + API Licenced thread forms

Global Tooling solutions are offering new and advanced Professional Oil & Gas Threading Solutions, as well as an extensive range of specially designed toolholder types designed fo all types of application.

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Special Tool Holders

To run alongside our bespoke special shape form inserts or as a standalone solution we design and manufacture tool holders of any shape and design to hold any existing or new cutting inserts to the customer specifications.

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Power Steering Tooling

We supply specialised tooling to produce unique internal Blind end grooves on power steering rack valves as shown.

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Padded Reamers

We manufacture and also refurbish and recoat Insert style adjustable padded reamers either single or multiple diameter reamers made to customer requirements.

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PCD & CBN Tooling

We are proud to announce that GTS are the sole finish manufacturer and agent In the UK for a brand new process design to be able to supply CBN and PCD inserts at a huge cost reduction within the current market place of any existing CBN inserts you currently buy.

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Standard Tooling

We also supply a full range of standard tooling for milling, turning, drilling, boring, reaming, grooving, parting, scarfing, thread milling, threading, turn broaching, back spot facing, thread whirling, CBN, PCD, skiving tools, plus all accompanying holders to match.

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