Padded Reamers

Padded and Brazed Multi-Tooth Reamers

We manufacture and also refurbish and recoat Insert style adjustable padded reamers either single or multiple diameter reamers made to customer requirements.

These reamers hold a tolerance of +0.003mm / -0.003mm size on Diameter and produce high accuracy and surface finish due to a burnishing effect of the pads.

The interchangeable blades give this reaming option an economical solution as against a solid reaming option.

We also offer highly competitive cost of replacement insert blades for existing Mapal and Sheffcut style reamers which you may be using at present.

We also supply and refurbish Multi-Bladed Brazed type solid head reamers, once again, coated to tolerances of +0.003mm / -0.003mm accuracy.

Multi-tooth design is normally required for higher feed rates per tooth to gain higher production levels and reduced cycle times which in turn gives higher profit margins or a more competitive production process for our customer base.

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