Oil & Gas RTJ & API Groove Machining System

Oil & Gas RTJ & API Groove Machining System

We have developed a complete RTJ grooving system that produces a high quality surface finish with Zero deflection and roundness. At a fraction of conventional machining times that can be applied to all common 46 degree RTJ grooves on diameters from 50mm-800mm.

RTJ Twin Arm & RTJ Single Plunge Type

The machining time has been reduced down to minutes for the full profile, producing huge cost savings over existing processes. We have a machining solution for single type tools that can be used on CNC machining centres manual vertical borers and also manual or CNC lathes.

We also supply a twin head system which reduces cycle times even further, which is dedicated for CNC machining centres. We supply various grades and coating on our inserts to accommodate various materials from all grades of Stainless Steels to exotic materials such as Duplex, Super Duplex, lnconel and many more.

Please see our videos showing our tools in action below.

RTJ & API High Performance Machining Video


RTJ Groove tool showing Surface Finish results in Stainless Steel. High quality



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