Special Carbide Form Inserts-Carbide-Ceramic-Cermet

Special Carbide Form Inserts Manufacturer

We supply cutting tool solutions to give our customers a solution partnership to achieve cost down and quality improvements, longer tool life options and higher production outputs making Carbide, Ceramic or cermet special shape inserts.

We achieve this by:

New Design and Process improvements

Initial Meetings to obtain customer Criteria requirements for evaluation and terms of reference.

Create Customer and GTS design profiles.

Generate proposals for required improvements along with design drawings for customer evaluation and suitability.

Manufacture a trial quantity and conduct trials within customers production environment to prove and evaluate backed up by ongoing improvements.

Implement successful improvements and processes into full production for the mutual benefit of the customer and GTS.

Maintain if required ongoing support for further production improvements.

Existing Special shape and Form insert Users for any materials

Evaluate and quote existing tools and inserts to provide a more cost effective solution for supply.

Work with you (customer) for ongoing improvements.

Maintain an on-going on time supply of special inserts with a solution that suits our customer. IE Consignments, schedules or we can work within any integrated supply or single source system that you may have in place.

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