Special Tool Holders

Special Tool Holder Solutions

To run alongside our bespoke special shape form inserts or as a standalone solution we design and manufacture tool holders of any shape and design to hold any existing or new cutting inserts to the customer specifications.

We have in house design engineers to produce options to meet the required solution with the knowledge and experience of our team with over 180 collective years’ experience specific within the cutting tool design and manufacture.

Our holders can be used for milling, turning, drilling, boring, reaming, grooving, parting, scarfing, thread milling, threading, turn broaching, back spot facing, thread whirling, CBN, PCD, skiving tools, and many more.

We are very flexible and can manufacture to meet the customer needs.

Above you can see a very small sample of what can be achieved so please contact us on 01656 856 740 or email us for further information.

Features & Benefits of Special Tools

Special tooling and special shape form inserts obtain a higher production output due to the capability of being able to machine many features at the same time whilst also giving a higher and consistent quality manufactured component by reducing error. This will also reduce tool changes and machine alterations which also improve and increase production output.

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