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Engineering Consultancy For New Customers

Engineering Consultancy For New Customers

 Posted By Paddy Wakefield-Newberry / (Disabled) Comments

As our impeccable reputation grows, we get more and more inquiries on how we can offer tooling solutions to any problems a company may have.

Just this week our technical engineers visited a workshop that used both CNC machines and manual lathes to refurbish automotive parts. Our technical engineers talked to the main engineer on the shop floor so any slight problems they had could be ironed out. GTS is known for its high standard of engineering consultancy.

Some of the problems they brought up were:

Swarf build-up with their internal grooving inserts - this could damage both the work piece and tools, our aim is to improve the design then trial our tools. In the trial we can see whether our tool leaves a better finish while matching, or hopefully improving the productivity and tool life which in turn will make a cost saving for them. Also they had different sized inserts ranging between 1 mm and 8 mm, yet every time a larger insert was damaged they replaced it with a new one. However, we're hoping to put a process in place where we grind the used bigger inserts into brand new grooving inserts of a smaller size for them to use. This form of recycling could save them a large sum of money.

U drills leaving a mark after drilling - This problem means the engineers have to have a follow-up process of machining to take the hole to the correct tolerance while having a good surface finish. Our aim was to send up our tools for trials as our technical engineer was confident our cheaper drills would have a much better effect during this process of machining.Also we are able to provide a service to refurbish their tool holders and any re-coats of inserts.

Our next step was to view their most used insert, this was a parting off tool that they used over 2500 of, a year which was over double their next most used. This obviously takes up a large chunk of the amount the spend on cutting tools in total, so we decided to have a look and see if there was any way of bringing that number down. What we found was that the insert was only one sided, this came as a surprise to our technical engineers who immediately thought that the customers could have a massive cost savings just by switching to a double edged parting off tool.

Overall the initial visit was a success, both parties are eager to continue the work and to put together a package that not only can we comfortably supply, but will increase the customers productivity, tool life and cost savings.

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