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Recent Work - Countersinking Tool Holder

 Posted By Paddy Wakefield-Newberry / (Disabled) Comments

We have recently made another customer happy with our work.

At a local large engineering workshop, the foreman was in need of a large countersinking tool to machine Hardox. He needed it made to specific dimensions with very little tolerance.So our technical engineers popped in for a visit to take in all the dimensions and to see the exact process of the machining.

Once we were sure had all the information needed, we returned to get a quote. As soon as everything was in place we returned, and gave the foreman the quote and he was very happy with the price. The next step was for us to manufacture the tool, which we did in a short period of time.

Overall they were thrilled with our work ethic towards the project and was pleased with the result. We were able to save him money, increase productivity and prolong the tool life.

Just another good job done by the hard workers here at GTS.

We also provide a service to regrind/refurbish any used cutting tools and holders for a cheaper price than having to buy a new one, this can save you money while up keeping the high standard of quality.

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