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Tansgential Inserts

 Posted By Paddy Wakefield-Newberry / (Disabled) Comments

An outstanding characteristic of tangential tools is their geometry; the high-positive cutting angle consequently gives a soft cut. A tool can be fitted with substantially more tangential inserts than with traditional ISO inserts while keeping the high stability of the holder, if not improving it. This allows a higher cutting performance while lowering the machine load.

Here at GTS we can supply tangential inserts with up to 4 usable, precisely 90 degree cutting edges with positive cutting characteristics that can even be protected against multiple types of wear by optional coatings.

Take advantage of the power of our tangential system. The benefits of a tangential milling system are only fully effective under conditions where all parameters are perfectly matched together. With GTS , not only is the most powerful of our tool bodies now available, but our best indexable inserts can also be used as part of a tangential system.

We can supply both tangential indexable inserts and holders that are completely custom made to increase productivity, tool life, quality of parts and lower costs for our customer.

We provide a service to regrind used inserts to usable condition for a fraction of the price of buying new. Also we provide a service to refurbish damaged tool holders to a usable condition, again for a fraction of the price fo buying new:

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